The operation of the site changes from June 1, 2024
You can create an account as Dominant or submissive.
If you create a submissive account, you will automatically obtain an SRN number. If you want to personalize it, this is possible. However, the option is chargeable (€100).
With your account, you can personalize your profile and add photos to it.
You can also search for Dominant and submissive in the registry. It is also possible to link with friends.
Internal messaging allows you to communicate with other members and find your Dominant or a submissive.
More features are coming…

Current use remains free. However, if you want to use all the features, you will need to subscribe to a Premium subscription (€39/year).

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I'm a Mistress or Master and I want to register a new slave.

The registration of slaves is totally free.

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I want to register myself as unowned slave.

The registration of slaves is totally free.

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I need to retrieve my slave informations.

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I need more informations or I have some trouble registering my slave.

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What's new :

- Search in registry...
- Update in progress... Contact us if you face problems.
- Translation in French in progress...

Notes :
- Re-register existing slaves in previous register : e-mail me at for more informations.